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Glatfelter has a comprehensive range of non-heat sealable and heat sealable coffee filter papers used in hard pods, soft pads, bags, pouches, and capsule filtration. With a network of 80 commercial branches, agencies, and other operational centers, Glatfelter provides unsurpassed products, service, and technical expertise to coffee-packers around the world. That’s why major coffee-packers and brand owners consider Glatfelter the leading expert in coffee filter papers. Glatfelter is committed to the development of new fiber-based materials that improve brewing performance, support higher-speed processing machines, and increase product functionality, such as branding or ecological values.

Why Choose Glatfelter Food & Beverage Papers?

  • Comprehensive range heat sealable and non-heat sealable filter papers.
  • Excellent processing on fully automatic packaging machines at high converting speeds.
  • Optimum brewing process by delivering full flavor of coffee bean under pressure and heat.
  • Contains best coffee quality and preserves blend freshness in individually sealed package without interfering with flavor (neutrality of taste).
  • Maximum retention of coffee particles.
  • Paper pulp is sustainably derived from the unique, super strength abaca fiber.

Select from these heat sealable and non-heat sealable filter papers:

Heat Sealable Coffee Filter Papers

  • High strength at sealing joint and excellent cutability achieved through natural and synthetic fibers combinations. Comprised of a filtration layer and sealing layer.
Filtration layer consists of abaca fibers, wood pulp, and cellulose rayon fiber combinations designed to meet customer requirements.
Sealing layer can vary in composition and be made of polyethylene mixed with copolymers, polypropylene mixed with copolymers, or 100% polypropylene.

Non-Heat Sealable Coffee Filter Papers

  • Single layer of 100% natural fibers.
  • Dimensional stability.
  • Ease of crimping.
Plain Patterned Logo
Heat Sealable
Pod All units from 19.0 to 27 gsm 19.0 to 21.5 gsm Custom
Pad All units from 19.0 to 27 gsm 19.0 to 21.5 gsm Custom
Bag All units from 16.5 to 27 gsm 21.5 Custom
Non-Heat Sealable
Vending 21 gsm    
One Cup Coffee Filter 22 gsm    
Capsules 41.5 gsm    

Heat Sealable Non-Heat Sealable
  Pod Pad Bag Vending One cup coffee filter Capsules
Plain All units from 19.0 to 27 gsm All units from 19.0 to 27 gsm All units from 16.5 to 27 gsm 21 gsm 22 gsm 41.5 gsm
Patterned 19.0 to 21.5 gsm 19.0 to 21.5 gsm 21.5 gsm      
Logo Custom Custom Custom      
Machines Cloud, Gino Rossi, IMA, ICA, Opem, Optima, Universal, TME and others

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