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Tea Bag Papers for First-Class Aroma

As the global market leader in tea bag papers, Glatfelter develops high-performance filter papers which are used to brew billions of cups of tea around the world every year.

Glatfelter’s teabag filter papers are designed using high-quality abaca (“Manila hemp”), cellulose fibers, and man-made fibers to achieve excellent infusion while guaranteeing high retention of fine tea particles. By using this blend of specialty fibers, Glatfelter’s tea bag papers create a web structure that enables the rapid release of tea aroma, color, and flavor while retaining particles within the bag. Our teabag filter papers can be converted into all designs and formats for use in the consumer household market or catering business, including:
  • Sealed, stapled, or stitched
  • Round, rectangular, or square
  • Perforated or plain
  • With a logo or without
  • Double chambered or single chambered bags with a string or tag
Our team of experienced engineers has worked with many major companies to successfully develop custom solutions and is excited to develop a specialty solution for you. In our continual pursuit of new product development, our engineering team continually develops new products that meet or exceed the increasing demands of the market.

Why Choose Glatfelter Tea Bag Papers?

  • Glatfelter ensures excellent processing on fully automatic packaging machines at high converting speeds.
  • Superior infusion properties with enhanced aroma, color, and flavor.
  • High retention of fine tea particles.
  • Excellent cutability properties.
  • Standard and custom-designed papers.
  • Glatfelter uses the highest-performance inclined wire machines that exist in the world today.
  • Paper pulp is sustainably derived from the unique, super strength abaca fiber.

Select from these food & beverage papers:

Heat Sealable Tea Bag Papers

  • Unique and complex blend of specialty fibers improves heat sealability.
  • Ideal for tea bag products that require high-seal strength.
  • Can be used at maximum speeds in the latest high speed packaging equipment.

Non-Heat Sealable Tea Bag Papers

  • Formed from a basis of high quality abaca, cellulose fibers, and man-made fibers.
  • Super tea dust retention feature can be used on high speed machines.

Heatseal/ Superseal
Standard grade
Best sealing properties with long knife lifetime
High sealability and high tea dust retention
High tea dust retention grade
Patterned standard grade
Best cutability
Patterned grade with best cutability
IMA C45, C50, C51,
C58, C59
Maisa EC12 ACMA
Universalpack SIG Siebler H+S
IMA C55, C56 IMA C2000 IMA C45, C50, C51 Universalpack
X X   X X X X X X      
    X             X    
X X     X X X X        
X X     X X X X        
X X     X X X X        
                    X X
                    X X
PDF of the chart - 197 KB

Non-Heat Sealable
  ACMA TD 300 IMA  C21, C23, C24,
C27, C28
TEEPAK Constanta, Perfecta, Compacta H+S PT21, PT25, PT33 Teamac MD20 Teamac MD25
Standard grade X X X X X X
High tea dust retention X X X X X X
Unbleached standard grade X X X X X X
Standard grade for high speed machines X X X X X  
Super tea dust retention for high speed machines X X X X X X
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