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Wipes Solutions

Cleaning wipes have different demands for different applications. Whether you need a thin substrate or a soft one, you can count on Glatfelter. Our forming and bonding capabilities allow us to provide you with a wide range of materials, each dedicated to a specific application or need. Our array of wipes can be flushable, biodegradable, and soft and strong enough to clean your skin. These highly engineered web materials make us the partner of choice in the wipes industry.

Why Choose Glatfelter Wipes?

  • Extensive range of grades
  • Free of chemicals and binders
  • Biodegradable
  • Fully dispersible as defined by the GD4 standard
  • High strength but ultra-soft and gentle on the skin
  • Excellent runability on converting machines
  • Suitable for disinfecting wipes
  • Color possibilities

Types of Wipes

Bio Wipes

Biodegradable with improved wet resiliency

Sanitization Wipes

Free of linting, thin and compatible with highly concentrated alcoholic lotions

Cosmetic Wipes

Soft nonwoven for highly efficient skin cleaning

Dispersible Wipes

Dispersible and biodegradable nonwovens that exceed the industry’s flushability standard GD4

Baby Wipes

Soft and lofty nonwoven with high wet strength

Wipes Materials

Choose between a wide range of basis weights, including lint-free chemo-bonded grades or hydroentangled grades made of 100% natural fibers.

Our advanced airlaid nonwovens integrate a mix of long synthetic and natural fibers. This creates a soft but resistant material that absorbs and retains liquids in seconds. They’re suitable for applications that require softness plus wet tensile and delamination strengths.

Product Specifications

Wet Wipes
ApplicationUsageTechnologyGSM RangeAbsorption (with 0.9% saline solution)Properties
Personal Care WipesPersonal WipesThermal-bonded / Multi-bonded Airlaid50-65up to 0.8 l/m²Soft and lofty, high wet strength
Baby WipesBaby WipesThermal-bonded / Multi-bonded Airlaid50-65up to 0.8 l/m²Soft and lofty, high wet strength
Home CareFloor MopsThermal-bonded / Multi-bonded Airlaid80-250up to 1.8 l/m²Absorbent, patterned and rough textured surfaces available
Home CareCleaning WipesThermal-bonded / Multi-bonded Airlaid80-150up to 1.5 l/m²Soft and lofty, excellent liquid management
Personal Care WipesMoist Toilet TissueWetlaid, hydroentangled55, 60Dispersible and
ConsumerBio-WipesWetlaid, hydroentangled35, 40, 45Biodegradable
ConsumerGeneral PurposeWetlaid23, 28, 35Low bulk, high wet strength, suitable for alcoholic solutions
ConsumerGeneral PurposeWetlaid23, 28Viscose free, low bulk, high wet strength, suitable for alcoholic solutions
Dry Wipes
ApplicationUsageTechnologyGSM RangeAbsorption (with 0.9% saline solution)Properties
Industrial/Home CareCleaning WipesLatex-bonded Airlaid50-70up to 1.0 l/m²Soft and lofty, high wet strength
Industrial/Home CareCleaning WipesMulti-bonded Airlaid55up to 1.0 l/m²Absorbent, patterned, soft, lofty, high wet strength

Sontara Beauty

Face & Body Wipes

Facial and Body Cleansing is a daily ritual that needs to be gentle and effective. Our products provide efficient delivery systems of lotions and treatments for Beauty Care and Body Care applications – providing optimal convenience with the cleansing effect of lotion. Our product range is built on innovative fiber blending and soft textures. Our fabrics offer a wide variety of features to meet the requirements of different applications including optimal control of liquid, high absorption capacity, skin friendly materials and surface effects to support release.

Applications include:

  • Make-up Removal
  • Exfoliating, Hands & Feet
  • Intimate
  • Sports & Yoga
  • Male Grooming

Sontara® for Face & Body Wipes

Staple fibers are bonded with water and do not contain any chemical additions to create our soft and pure fabrics for Face & Body Wipes. The inherent softness of our technology makes us the best choice substrate for skin care. Our wide portfolio consists of fabrics with cotton, viscose, lyocell, synthetic and specialty fibers.

Sontara® Reusable Facial Cleansing Pads

Made in our ISO 9001 and ISO 22716 certified facility, super soft Sontara® Reusable Pads offer gentle yet efficient facial cleansing using a special point bond pattern. Sontara® Reusable Pads are also machine washable, maintaining the same high performance for more than 30 wash cycles so you can clean responsibly.

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