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Lead-Acid Battery Solutions

It’s uniquely engineered to meet customers’ high purity requirements. Glatfelter’s pasting solutions ensure the most efficient production and lowest waste rate. Thanks to its rough surface, the material sites adhesion and drying of the paste throughout the process.

Why Choose Glatfelter Lead-Acid Battery Solutions?

  • Excellent processability
  • Good adhesion to the plate
  • Strong absorption
  • Higher output
  • Reduced waste
  • Energy savings
  • Reduced lead emissions

Lead-Acid Battery Materials

With the unique absorption properties of the DYNAGRID® product family, the materials adhere well to the moist paste and dry plate. The material’s rough surface sites paste adhesion and drying throughout the process. Its high porosity and good water transport means less energy is needed in processing, ensuring a smooth process in the flash oven and during assembly. Our DYNAGRID® solutions can eliminate paper-related downtime and ensure the most efficient production rates with the lowest waste.

Lead-Acid Battery Products


DYNAGRID® remains the quality benchmark for pasting applications among global lead-acid battery manufacturers. It is uniquely engineered to meet customers’ high purity requirements. This highly porous material has excellent wet strength and processing characteristics.


Throughout the life of a battery, DYNAGRID® NG remains embedded on the plate surface. DYNAGRID® NG reinforces the plate and thereby significantly reduces shedding. In research institute studies, DYNAGRID® NG has been shown to match the life-cycle performance of glass fiber based material from competitors.

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