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Our Sontara® Aramid Fabrics can be used for fabric liners and apparel interfacings for turnout gear, fire-blocking materials, protection of batteries, transformers, and high-speed equipment, filtration, and many other uses. All Sontara® Aramid Fabrics are created with proprietary Sontara® technology. Our unique production process ensures that all products are soft, drapable, binder- and resin-free and offer excellent dimensional stability. With supply and trademark license agreements with DuPont™ in place, Glatfelter is delighted to offer nonwoven fabrics containing Kevlar® and Nomex®. Sontara® Aramid fabrics have been produced at the Sontara® Old Hickory, TN, plant since 1987. Sontara® is happy to partner to customize products to meet specific requirements.



Chemical Resistance


Flame Resistance


High Strength


High Temperature Resistance


Maximum Comfort


Dimensional Stability

firefighter using a water hose

The Sontara® Kevlar® Z-11

The Z-11 spunlace is made of 100% Kevlar® fibers. The fabric is lightweight, conformable, saturable and demonstrates excellent thermal and flame-resistant properties. The performance remains uncompromised as the fabric is free of binders and resins.

The Sontara® Kevlar® Z-11 is ideal for:

  • Composites / Calendar rolls
  • Fire blocking for transportation seating and for residential and commercial furnishing

Unique features and benefits of Sontara® Kevlar® Z-11:

  • Low shrinkage allows it to maintain its dimensional stability at high temperatures
  • The Kevlar® SL does not melt, but chars at 800°F/427°C, making it ideal for applications where high thermal protection and flame resistance is needed
  • Cut resistance, making it ideal for applications requiring durability
  • High homogeneity, fabric integrity and dimensional stability makes it ideal for resin impregnation
  • Soft and drapable
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Sontara® Nomex®SL Type E-88

The E-88 spunlace is made up of 100% Nomex® fibers. The spunlace fabric is lightweight and offers high-temperature resistance. They can be used primarily in applications where high thermal protection is required. It can be laminated, calendared, metallized or coated to meet specific customer needs.

The Sontara® Nomex® E-88 is ideal for:

  • Automotive
  • Filtration (hot liquid and gas)
  • Electrical insulation
  • Apparel interfacing
  • Aerospace

Unique features and benefits of Sontara® Nomex® E-88:

  • High thermal performance in end-use applications requiring durability, strength retention, low heat release and non-flammability
  • Nomex® SL provides protection at high temperatures
  • Bulky structure, which allows easy saturation. Smooth surface area provides excellent surface finish and adhesion
  • Excellent electrical insulation properties
  • Light weight for applications like batteries
TypeBasis weight (oz/yd2)Basis weight (g/m2)

Sontara® Kevlar®SL Type E-89

The E-89 spunlace is made up of unique blends of Nomex® and Kevlar® fibers. With excellent flame resistance and thermal-protective qualities, it is superior to Nomex® standing alone. The addition of Kevlar® increases break-open resistance in flame exposure.

The Sontara® Kevlar® SL Type E-89 is ideal for:

  • Protective apparel/turn out gears

Unique features and benefits of Sontara® Kevlar® SL Type E-89:

  • Minimal shrinkage at high temperatures or when flame is present — the excellent dimensional stability of Kevlar®, combined with the flame-resistant qualities of Nomex®, produces a fabric that will resist flame shrinkage, high temperature and break-open flame better than Nomex® alone.
  • Customized fiber blends can be produced to create a unique fabric designed to fit your specific thermal protection needs
  • Excellent surface for laminating to various films and coatings
  • Available in range of basis weights, which allows engineered multi-layer barriers to meet various Thermal Protective Performance (TPP) requirements
TypeBasis weight (oz/yd2)Basis weight (g/m2)