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General Purpose

Wet or dry, Sontara® wipes are cleaner than cloth rags, stronger and more durable than paper, and less expensive in use than both. They’re made under strict production controls for consistent quality and uniform size and packaging – all advantages you expect from Sontara® products. They are well-suited for general cleaning tasks when specialty wipes are not necessary but efficiency is still important.



Low Cost in Use


Safe in Use


High Absorbency




High Abrasion Resistance

Sontara General Purpose

Industrial Wipes

Made from unique, high-quality fibers, Sontara® General Industrial Wipes will safely and efficiently clean your workplace. Through persistent product development, Sontara® General Industrial Wipes were developed to be the only wipe you will ever need. Our wipes can be used to clean glass, clean up oil and grease and more. They are exceptionally strong and absorbent. Sontara® General Industrial Wipes are available in heavy, medium and light duty.

Sontara® Hi-Sorb

Stronger and more absorbent than paper-type products, while soft on hands and delicate surfaces, multi-purpose Hi-Sorb Clean Wipes from Sontara® absorb liquid more than 2 times faster than alternative products. Hi-Sorb Clean Wipes are also durable and longer-lasting than paper-type products, yet disposable to minimize defects and cross-contamination. From industrial maintenance to household wiping, Hi-Sorb Clean Wipes outperform other materials, delivering higher cleaning performance, in less time with fewer wipes to save you time and money. White, Flat

Product Specifications


Wipe Size (in)PackagingWiper Per PackTotal Wipes
10 x 12Perforated Roll5555
10 x 12Perforated Roll200800
15 x 12.5Pop-up100800
12 x 13Quarter Fold50600