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Facial Masks

The unique production process ensures that all products are soft, adhesive, flexible and highly effective at delivering active ingredients conveniently, quickly and deeply into the skin. Sontara® can partner to customize products to meet specific requirements.



Soft on Skin




Optimal Lotion Management




Ideal Fit to Facial Contours


Dimensional Stability

woman putting on a facial mask

Product Offering

Sontara® Special Hemp:

Sontara® Hemp is a unique facial mask substrate made with hemp and cellulosic raw materials. Sontara® Hemp is ultrapure, free from binders and chemicals, and biodegradable, reducing the impact on the environment and addressing the trend toward natural skin care products. The hemp fiber provides a distinctive look to the facial mask substrate, appealing to end-use consumers who desire to express their love for nature and who prefer natural products addressing the natural trend in the skin care industry.

Sontara® Original:

Our 100% Lyocell best-selling fabrics are biodegradable, compostable, and sustainably produced using proprietary Sontara® technology. The production process of Sontara® facial mask substrates is ultra-pure and free from binders, silicone and chemicals. Sontara® Original substrates are soft and gentle on the skin, adapt perfectly to facial contours and guarantee superior lotion management.

Sontara® Sensitive:

Sontara® Sensitive exceeds the exacting purity standards of the medical and pharmaceutical skin care markets. Its unique mesh structure adheres perfectly to the skin and allows effective delivery of active ingredients. Made of 100% plant-based ingredients.

Sontara® Silk:

Sontara® Silk is an innovative new facial sheet mask providing a luxurious feel for your skin. Made with a proprietary mix of cellulose fibers, Sontara® Silk allows for excellent adhesion to the skin, exceptional lotion absorption and release, all while being almost invisible on the skin.

Sontara® Dual:

Sontara® Dual is a unique, 100% cellulosic material with a special 3D structure. It combines a textured side with a soft side. After removing the facial sheet mask, the textured side can be used to massage the remaining lotion into the skin for luminous, hydrating skin.

Sontara® Natural Cotton:

Sontara® Natural is made of 100% raw cotton and has a natural yellowish color. The fabric has a soft and plush feel on the skin. Its open fabric structure allows excellent lotion absorption and release to the skin.


Oeko-Tex® Standard 100
OK Biodegradable Soil
OK Compost Home
Made in ISO 90001 and GMP certified facility to the ISO 22716 Standard

Made in France:

We also manufacture fabrics in France. They are strong and highly flexible, while being smooth on the skin. They are sustainably produced and guarantee consistent quality and lotion efficiency.