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Table Top Solutions

Our highly specialized table top settings provide the quality and customization you need to stand out. They’re perfect for use in hotels, restaurants and catering. Let our experts bring your next table top innovation to life.

Why Choose Glatfelter Table Top?

  • Soft and durable
  • Largest catalog of color options
  • Ideal for creative customization with printed artwork and patterns
  • Offers proper strength while maintaining real fabric feel
  • Textile-like appearance in place mat, napkin, runner and table top applications
  • Optimal sustainability with compostable grades in both color and white

Table Top Literature

Table Top Materials

Our table top solutions start with the best fluff pulp fibers available that provide high absorption and caliper.

Product Specifications

Table Top
ProductEmbossingBasis Weight
NWSP 130.1.R0
Thickness, 1 ply
NWSP 120.6.R0
Tensile Strength, Dry
NWSP 110.4.R0
Liquid Absorbancy Capacity
NWSP 010.1.R0
TAM C SOFTTAM550.5021.007.00
TAM CompTAM550.5022.006.00
TAM Z SoftTAM500.4514.008.00
TAM Z SoftTAM550.5015.008.00
TAM Z II ClassicTAM500.4522.006.00
TAM Z II ClassicTAM550.4222.006.00
TAM Z II ClassicTAM600.4825.006.00
TAM Z II SoftTAM650.5524.008.00

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