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Medical Apparel

The remarkable softness and high drapeability of Sontara® fabrics help optimize surgeons’ comfort and dexterity throughout operations. Sontara® materials are opaque and minimize distracting glare. Sontara® drapes are strong and tear-resistant, yet conform easily and stay in place without slipping or sliding.


Low Lint


Maximum Comfort

High Opacity


Air Permeability

Sontara Medical Apparel

Product Offering

Sontara® for Surgical Gowns & Drapes

Sontara® wood pulp/polyester fabrics with repellent properties provide the protection and ultimate comfort that surgeons and nurses are looking for. Sontara® also provides a range of fabrics with either repellent or absorbent properties (fulfilling the requirements of EN13795) that respond to the challenges of application in drapes. Sontara® wood pulp/polyester fabrics contain more than 50% renewably sourced and biodegradable fibers.

Sontara® for Patient & Staff Apparel

Sontara® engineers fabrics made with wood pulp/polyester fibers in modern medical colors. They are both comfortable to wear and have very limited particle shedding.  More than 50% of the fibers are renewable sources and biodegradable.