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Medical Specialties

They are very resistant to wear and tear, making them the material of choice for varied applications like orthopedic straps, disposable pressure cuffs, EKG pads, or transdermal patches. Made without the use of binders, chemicals, or adhesives, Sontara® products are very pure, minimizing the potential for contamination and allergic reactions by users.



High Strength


Low Lint




Optimal Liquid Management


Product Offering

Sontara® for Compression Devices & Orthopedic Applications

Thanks to their exceptional dimensional stability and even surface structure, Sontara® fabrics are an excellent choice in coating applications for different plastic materials as well as for other bonding processes (e.g., ultrasonic bonding). Our fabrics allow convertors an efficient use of the converting equipment. End users appreciate the softness and non-allergenic nature for skin-contact applications.

Sontara® for Patches

Sontara® fabrics made with either synthetic or natural fibers are very pure and not skin-sensitizing. Softness, extreme strength and excellent die-cutting behavior are other attributes that make Sontara® a preferred solution in medical patches.

Sontara® for Towels & Cloths

Sontara® fabrics can be engineered to be highly absorbent and low linting to fulfill the requirements for application in surgical towels.