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Adult Incontinence Solutions

Glatfelter offers ultra-thin, highly absorbent solutions with the comfort and flexibility your consumers need, plus the specialized support you demand. Our dedicated new product development team and state-of-the-art sites are speeding innovation by joining forces with our customers. We’re committed to realizing your greatest possibilities in adult incontinence.

Why Choose Glatfelter Adult Incontinence Solutions?

  • Ultra-thin core system for comfort and discretion
  • Garment-like design with superior absorbency
  • Ultimate protection to keep moisture away from skin
  • Compatible with most converting lines
  • Odor control technology
  • Dependable wet integrity

Efficient Converting Technology

Glatfelter’s festooning technology provides a unique format in airlaid materials that has many advantages over standard rolls:

  • Minimal dust generation during de-festooning
  • Reduction in packaging material disposal cost
  • Less process waste
  • Higher line efficiency due to less risk of material breaking during festooning
  • Ultrasonic, functional splices with festooning


Stretch & Recovery

Optimal Liquid Management



Slim daily sanitary pads

Adult Incontinence Literature

Product Offering

Core Materials

Our core materials start with the best fluff pulp fibers available. These provide high absorption and caliper. Other materials include bi-component and synthetic fibers and super-absorbent polymers.

Stretch Components

Spunlace nonwovens can provide excellent extension characteristics to work with the stretchable films used in elastic laminates for adult incontinence closure systems. Spunlace meets the demand to design products that closely resemble cloth underwear.


Topsheets in Adult Care require skin friendly materials with efficient wicking properties to manage fluids. Our topsheets provide the necessary comfort to prevent skin irritation when used on a daily basis.

Acquisition Distribution Layer

Our spunlace and airlaid ADL will upgrade the performance of your pads and will increase the softness of the total product. The special blend of fibers is chosen for a faster multiple acquisition time and competitive rewet performance. The surface structure supports the process-ability on the converting lines.

Product Specifications

Adult Incontinence
ApplicationUsageTechnologyGSM RangeThickness (mm)Absorption (with 0.9% saline solution)Max. SAP ContentProperties
Acquisition-Distribution LayerIncontinenceMulti-bonded Airlaid70-100~ 0.8-1.6N/AN/ARapid intake, excellent fluid distribution, good masking
Acquisition-Distribution LayerIncontinenceThermal-bonded Airlaid60-1300.6N/AN/ARapid intake, excellent fluid distribution, good masking
Acquisition-Distribution SystemIncontinenceMulti-bonded Airlaid with Carrier70-1701.5-2.5N/AN/AIntermediate storage layer for high SAP containing cores, fast intake, good wicking, soft, high resiliency
CoreLight IncontinenceMulti-bonded Airlaid90-1000.5up to 3 l/m²30%Ultra thin, high absorbancy, cloth-like odor control function
CoreLight to Medium IncontinenceEngineered Airlaid100-200< 1.0up to 4 l/m²75%Ultra thin, high absorbancy, flexible, odor control function
CoreLight to Medium IncontinenceMulti-bonded Airlaid300-400~ 2.0-3.5up to 8 l/m²45%Ultra thin, odor control function
CoreMedium IncontinenceEngineered Airlaid200-300< 1.0up to 8 l/m²80%Ultra thin, high absorbancy, flexible, odor control function
CoreMedium IncontinenceThermal-bonded Airlaid360-4504.0-6.0up to 8 l/m²45%Good wet strength, dispersion binder-free
CoreMedium to Heavy IncontinenceMulti-bonded Airlaid350-600~ 2.0-5.5up to 15 l/m²45%Resillient and soft, excellent wet integrity, odor control function
CoreMedium to Heavy IncontinenceEngineered Airlaid400-600< 1.0up to 15 l/m²80%Ultra thin, high absorbency, flexible, odor control function

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